That’s a wrap – Who does it best? GenS vs OmegaPS

As we wrap up our ‘Who does it best? GenS vs OmegaPS’ series, we’ve got one final statistic to reveal.

◾Creating a maintenance task

This task in GenS is much easier and quicker, taking about 16% of the time it would in OmegaPS. That’s more time to focus on other priorities and tasks.

In case you missed any of our previous facts, here is a recap:

  1. Building a 200 asset Structure – Using GenS, this task takes only 4.8% of the time it would require in OmegaPS, saving you over an hour.
  2. Importing 200 unique Assets – With GenS, you’ll save 95% of the time it takes to complete this task. That’s over an hour quicker. Time saved, efficiency gained!
  3. Entering in Asset RAM data (MTBF and Failure Rates) – This task in GenS will save you a savvy 16.66% of your time, compared to carrying out the task in OmegaPS

GenS isn’t just a software – it’s your time-saving solution. Stay tuned for the release of the software on the 30th April.

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