Business Rules are the road map for the generation of content for your S1000D Project.

It has been proven that working with a detailed Business Rules EXchange (BREX) module enhances communication when delivering data for a project.  The projects expectations are clearly defined when there is a well written BREX and Business Rules (BR).

The Pennant Consulting Team can assist customers to develop their Business Rules documents, including BREX for project delivery.

What are Business Rules?

Business Rules are basically a guidance document, that sets guidelines for expectations when performing an S1000D Delivery.

The following are the ten suggested topics or categories, as laid out in the S1000D Version 4.0 chapter 2.5.1 that should be included in Business Rules:

1. General Business Rules
2. Product definition Business Rules
3. Maintenance philosophy and concepts of operation Business Rules
4. Security Business Rules
5. Business Process Business Rules
6. Data Creation Business Rules
7. Data Exchange Business Rules
8. Data Integrity and Management Business Rules
9. Legacy Data Conversion, Management and Handling Business Rules
10. Data Output Business Rules

This is not a definitive list of categories but it is a good guide to begin with.

In version 4.1 of the Specification, Business Rules were simplified and cleaned-up to assist S1000D project teams with working out which items were key decision points for a project and what needed to be included in their Business Rules.  A new section was included – Chap 2.5.3:  “Business Rules – Business Rule Decision Points Index”.  This section contains an index of the Business Rules Decision Points (BRDPs) defined by S1000D.

In version 4.1 under the category of General Business Rules, there are some fundamental or basic rules that must be agreed upon, before moving into more details on the Business Rules:

* What issue/s of S1000D will be used
* Which Information Sets will be used
* What publications must be produced
* Which Schemas are to be used
* Will optional elements and attributes be used and if so, how
* What is the definition of a project deliverable (eg. Data Delivery Note {DDN} with data modules and images of format x. PDF/paper delivery and/or Interactive Electronic Technical Publication {IETP})



Other industries

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