Engine Starting System Trainer

The Engine Starting System Trainer is displayed on a large touchscreen display and presents a representative full and working 3d cutaway model of the engine supplemented by detailed electrical, fuel, air and oil schematics.

The system provides a full working picture of the complete engine starting cycle, enabling the seamless instruction in part or full-cycle along with relevant faults consolidating student learning electrically and mechanically in engine starting and indication, pressures and temperatures and basic gas turbine theory.

The Engine Starting System Trainer is either  a bolt-on option to Pennant’s Integrated Avionics Maintenance Trainer (IAMT) or can be deployed as a Standlone product The enhancement provides an interactive training aid that focusses on a typical engine starting system.

  • Engine model displayed on a 65″ touchscreen display
  • 3D model showing real-time electrical, fuel air and oil schematics
  • Representative faults can be injected into the trainer
  • Pause ability allows instructor and student discussions to occur
  • Several teaching points from start, ignition and induction of the engine



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