The primary purpose of part task trainers is to provide learners with a safe and controlled environment to practice and master specific skills or procedures without the risks associated with real-world scenarios. These trainers replicate a specific part or aspect of a larger system or procedure, allowing learners to focus on developing and refining their abilities in a targeted and controlled manner.

Helicopter Maintenance Trainer

The Basic Helicopter Maintenance Trainer (BHMT) is a freestanding helicopter trainer enabling students to carry out practical training by performing standard maintenance procedures associated with rotary wing aircraft. There are a multitude of systems which the students can carry out functional testing, fault diagnosis and remove / install procedures.

Generic Flying Controls Trainer (GENFLY)

The Generic Flying Controls Trainer (GenFly) is a facsimile airframe to enable fast, realistic, effective training and to impart a thorough understanding of the principles and practices related to aircraft hydraulic, landing gear and flying control maintenance.

Integrated Avionics Maintenance Trainer

The IAMT is an aircraft structure with a full size cockpit, with unglazed canopy, representative of a military aircraft combining modern digital displays with older analogue gauges to enable the student to experience a range of aviation technologies.

Generic Stores Loading Trainer 

The Generic Stores Loading Trainer is a generic part task trainer designed to train students in carrying out procedures for loading and unloading weapons in a safe environment. The trainer comprises a fixed wing installation on the one side of the trainer and a rotary wing installation on the other.



Other industries

(Shipping, Nuclear, Space)