Gens– The Next Generation of IPS solutions is ground-breaking software to take product support to a whole new level. Pennant’s next generation of LSA technology GenS, when combined with the R4i Suite will transform Integrated Product Support requirements into a truly integrated secure digital capability. 

    GenS is built on the latest international standards and specifications and backed by a dedicated multi-generational team of software developers and supportability engineers who are eager to deliver an incredible end user experience. This next-generation of integrated product support software combines over 65 years of design and development experience from the Pennant development teams around the globe, utilising latest technology and innovative new capabilities.

    Designed to power iterative supportability and logistics analysis, stakeholder collaboration, data-driven decisions, and organised management for unbeatable product support. GenS simplifies complex product support integration with an easy solution for complex problems.


    Easier and faster with GenS


    • Improve product quality and customer satisfaction
    • Design more affordable, reliable, maintainable, supportable, testable, safe products
    • Improve product/production uptime
    • Reduce product/production O&S costs
    • Reduce warehouse inventory size and warranty claims
    • Meet Defense contract delivery requirements


    • Acquire LPD/LSAR data
    • Develop a product support solution
    • Improved system/equipment availability
    • Operational effectiveness
    • Mission accomplishment
    • Product ownership cost reduction

      GenS will support the following standards:

      • SAE GEIA-STD-0007 – Logistics Product Data
      • ASD S1000D* – International specification for technical publications using a common source database (*through integration with the R4i S1000D product suite)
      • ASD-STE* –International specification for the preparation of technical documentation in a controlled language (*through integration with R4i Writer)
      • ASD S2000M – International specification for Material Management
      • ASD S3000L – International procedure specification for logistics support analysis
      • ASD S4000P – International specification for developing and continuously improving preventive maintenance
      • ASD S5000F – International specification for in-service data feedback
      • ASD S6000T – International specification for training analysis and design (*through integration with the R4i product)
      • DoD MIL-STD-1388-2B –DoD requirements for a logistic support analysis record
      • ADO DEF(AUST) 5692 – Logistic support analysis record requirements for the Australian Defense Organization.


      • Multi-lingual support
      • Configuration and change management
      • Custom workflows
      • Custom views
      • Time saving data management features
      • Enhanced import/export file functions
      • Intelligent data tailoring
      • Integration with R4i IETMs
      • Integration with Analyzer
      • Modern and responsive UI


      • Multi-application: desktop, web app, web service, and tablets
      • Support for MS SQL and free or full edition servers
      • Single user, working group, or enterprise with fixed or floating license support
      • Single sign-on



      Other industries

      (Shipping, Nuclear, Space)