Power Station Switching Simulator

The Power Station Switching Simulator reinforces classroom teaching by allowing simulations of real world scenarios within the safety of the simulator. The system simulates a typical substation layout with a Main and Reserve Bus Bar allowing the engineer to operate switch gear to interact with the system with touch screen controls.

Key features:

  • Generic Electrical Mimic
  • Full Logic Control over Mimic States
  • Two Seperate student Controlled Generators, with Six Simulated Lines
  • Extensive Fault List
  • Scenario Based Training
  • Interlock Mode
  • Multiple kV Modes Simulated (400kV, 275kV)
  • Touch Screen Controls

    The trainer allows the engineers to prepare for worse case scenarios in the safety of the simulator as well as teaching the importance of isolations and protections for maintenance personnel on a daily basis.

    The simulator features two engineer controlled generators that have various fault states and feature synchroscopes to allow synchronisation training with the grid to take place.




    Other industries

    (Shipping, Nuclear, Space)