Pennant, the IPS software & services company.

Pennant International Group plc was established over 65 years ago and is a leading global provider of a suite of software solutions and technical services that supports the design, development, operation, maintenance and training of complex assets.

The Group operates worldwide, with offices in Europe, North America and Australasia, and employs over 140 colleagues, who are an innovative and ambitious group of people. Pennant’s extensive portfolio is achieved through our global teams.

Pennant operates in the defence, space, aerospace, rail and shipping industries. Capabilities include a suite of IPS software solutions (GenS, Analyzer and R4i), technology led training systems covering software-based solutions, generic training devices and bespoke engineering, as well as technical services covering consultancy and technical documentation.

Pennant has a truly global customer base and is an established supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), Canadian Department of Defence (DnD) and Australian Department of Defence (DoD) and other major defence Primes.

The Pennant Group has grown significantly over the years, through a combination of organic growth (product and customer development) and through several acquisitions. In addition to our operational centres worldwide, the Group has collaborative arrangements with a strategic range of partners in many countries across the globe. Historically, defence contracts have formed a majority of our customer base. As we continue to innovate and develop our solutions, we are expanding our prescence and entering new markets including rail, civil aerospace, nuclear, automobile and shipping.

Today, Pennant has become a firmly established world leading supplier of IPS solutions from LSA, Technical Publications, to training products, and services, supported by a global innovative team.


Other industries

(Shipping, Nuclear, Space)