Pennant’s Driver Briefing has been an industry-standard package for driver route learning and training for over 15 years.

Network change projects, where significant track and signalling changes are made, require TOC’s and FOC’s to be supplied with training material to brief all drivers in a sufficient time before commissioning.

Driver’s Eye Video Footage is used widely in the industry for familiarisation and driver route learning. It is in cab HD route filming that is collected from the driver’s cab of in-service trains.

Driver Briefing packages are supported by professional commentary and on-screen information graphics. Maps contain a standardised format of track layout, detailing all items of key interest for operational training. The map can be included in a booklet which also contains scheme construction information, new signalling information and route tables.

Delivery of the Driver Briefing & Training packages can also be provided using the online rail portals, which provide unlimited access for tablets and mobile devices on any web browser. Driver maps are presented as a printed booklet as well as a computer PDF and may contain special instructions, briefing notes, and signal aspect tables.

Key features include: 

  • Augmented with new signalling and signs
  • Full VR modelling for new infrastructure, on-screen information graphics 
  • Professional script and recorded commentary
  • Delivery via widely used online portal and/or physical media

What our Customer’s say:

Paul Spence, Project Engineer at Durham Coast Resignalling, Network Rail said “I found the experience working with you and the Pennant – Track Access team, from arranging the video capture through to the final versions of the driver training material, extremely straightforward and efficient. Which resulted in a quality product at the end. All that despite COVID-19 causing disruption throughout most of that period!”



Other industries

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