Hand skills trainers are valuable tools for developing and refining manual dexterity in various industries. By providing a controlled and focused environment for practice, these trainers contribute to the mastery of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and procedural familiarity, ultimately enhancing the overall competence and efficiency of learners in their respective fields.

Generic Fastener Installation Trainer (GFIT)

The Generic Fastener Installation Trainer (GFIT) provides each student with the initial cognitive and manipulative skills required for accurate hardware assembly. It is extremely portable and cost effective, requiring only a limited selection of hand tools and a bench vice. Although primarily designed for the aviation industry, the GFIT can be easily adapted to suit any industry that provides training in simple manufacture and hardware assembly.

Genskill – Hand Skills Trainer

The Generic Hand Skills Trainer (GenSkill) is a free standing physical prepresentation of a typical Flying Control Run. The Mark 2 builds and enhances on the training capability of the standard GenSkill training device by introducing a functioning low voltage aircraft circuit as a fabrication and modification embodiment to extend training to avionic skills.

Flying Control Rod Trainer

The Basic Flying Control Rod Trainer (BFCRT) provides basic training on flying control surface operations and adjustment and rigging of control systems. The system comprises a representative control column assembly, a short control run with adjustable control rods and stops, rigging pin provision and idler links. The rig terminates with a representative control surface with deflection measuring capability.

Wiring Boards

Pennant has developed a suite of free standing Wiring Board Trainers for basic aviation electrical installation principles trainer, automotive and marine environment circuits using industry standard wire types, connectors and terminations and a domestic wiring board trainer for electrical installation principles.



Other industries

(Shipping, Nuclear, Space)