Rail Switching Simulator

The Rail Switching Simulator has been developed for implementation alongside classroom training and allows students to put into practice the Electrical Control Room (ECR) working procedures and principles provided by traditional instructor-led training.

Key features: 

  • Electro Mechanical & Cromos Control Systems
  • Full electrical simulation
  • Up to six students per instructor
  • Extensive fault list
  • Extensive scenario
  • Instructor-controlled overrides-
  • Interaction & communication capture and playback
  • Desktop-based or laptop/mobile setups
  • Specialist CBT courses can accompany for instructors and students

    The trainer has been designed to replicate the physical layout and unique operational challenges of an ECR. The simulator can handle both Electro-Mechanical Control Systems and Cromos Control Systems. For Electro-Mechanical System simulations, the student interacts with the system through touch screen inputs and for the Cromos System simulations, interaction is by means of a mouse. The student is provided with audible alarms when faults occur, in addition to a visual element which identifies the specific outstation failure.

    The instructor has the facility to load or edit scenarios. The system facilitates a student/instructor debrief by capturing all system interactions and one instructor can manage up to four stations.

    To keep the product at the forefront of electrical operator training, Pennant is working in consultation with our customers to develop the product in 2024. 



    Other industries

    (Shipping, Nuclear, Space)