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Pennant International Group are a market leading provider of a suite of software solutions and technical services that support the design, development, operation, maintenance and training of complex assets in defence, space, aerospace, rail and shipping.

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That’s a wrap – Who does it best? GenS vs OmegaPS

As we wrap up our ‘Who does it best? GenS vs OmegaPS’ series, we’ve got one final statistic to reveal. ◾Creating a maintenance task This task in GenS is much easier and quicker, taking about 16% of the time it would in OmegaPS. That’s more time to focus on other priorities and tasks. In case you missed any of our previous facts, here is a recap: Building a 200 asset Structure – Using GenS, this task takes only 4.8% of the time it would require in OmegaPS, saving you over an hour. Importing 200 unique Assets – With GenS, you’ll save 95% of the time it takes to complete this task. That’s...

Who does it best? GenS vs OmegaPS

Our technology and innovation team have been working hard to bring you the next generation of IPS software. Our goal? To provide our customers with a seamless experience when using our software. That’s why we’ve been carefully developing GenS, the successor to OmegaPS. GenS represents a significant leap forward in terms of functionality and improvement. It has been developed in collaboration with our partners through our ‘Partner Programme.’ This program allows us to test the software in real-world scenarios, gather feedback, and continuously enhance its capabilities. Our colleagues have...

Upcoming Exhibition Alert for April & May 2024

April 2024 is shaping up to be a busy month for our colleagues with several exhibitions on the cards. If you wish to meet with one of our team, email [email protected] to lock in your meeting today.         IT2EC, ExCeL, London – 9 to 11 April Pennant colleagues Stuart Hooker and Tom Ross will be attending IT2EC to discuss Pennant’s training capability. The event boasts an opportunity for the team to meet with industry friends and partners. Japan IPS/ILS Seminar & Conference 2024, Japan – 15 to 16 April Our Pennant representatives will be heading to Toyko, Japan...


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