GenS Webinar Series: Enhance your GenS v3.0 knowledge

Pennant is excited to announce the upcoming release of GenS v3.0, ground-breaking software to take product support to a whole new level!

GenS is designed to power iterative supportability and logistics analysis, stakeholder collaboration, data-driven decisions, and organised management for unbeatable product support. GenS simplifies complex product support integration with an easy solution for complex problems.

To celebrate the upcoming release of GenS v3.0, we welcome you to join Presenter, Heath Conroy – IPS Consultant/ Training Developer/ Maintainer, for our 3 Part Webinar Series commencing on the 30th of April.

Make the most of this opportunity and register today by clicking on the Register links provided below that best suits your time zone.


Session 1: Project Configuration with GenS

Join us for an informative GenS Element Manager Webinar! Discover how administrators can effortlessly create and modify LSA Project Configurations within GenS. Customise Project configurations using internationally supported LSA/LPD Standards, add business or projects-specific notes (Element Direction), and tailor pre-set Lists of Values.

This session will also cover users, groups, project configuration and administration. Stay tuned for exciting sneak peeks and valuable insights throughout the series!

AUS: Tues 30 April 5:00pm AEST
UK: Tues 30 April 8:00am BST
EUROPE: Tues 30 April 9:00am CEST
AUS: Wed 1 May 7am AEST
USA: Tues 30 April 2:00pm PDT
CANADA: Tues 30 April 5:00pm EDT


Session 2: Data entry & Ease of Use with GenS 

Come and join us for GenS Client Webinar. Explore the flexibility of the GenS customisable Client User Interface. Learn how to import Microsoft Excel data directly into GenS, potentially saving hours of effort when dealing with large data tables. Additionally, discover how to export data tables for easy sharing between Projects or as spreadsheet templates with suppliers.

We’ll also delve into the GenS Client Structure Manager function, which allows you to create your Project’s Physical and Functional Build Structure, assign LCNs and ALCs, and modify the project structure.

AUS: Wed 8 May 5:00pm AEST
UK: Wed 8 May 8:00am BST
EUROPE: Wed 8 May 9:00am CEST
AUS: Thurs 9 May 7am AEST
USA: Wed 8 May 2:00pm PDT
CANADA: Wed 8 May 5:00pm EDT


Session 3: Data Exchange and Additional Functions in GenS

Our third GenS Webinar focuses on the powerful GenS Standard Converter. This tool enables users to import and export LSA Standards-compliant data as a data exchange file. Learn how the GenS Standard Converter can seamlessly convert your local GenS data set to one or more LSA Standards, accommodating customer requirements for different delivery standards.

We’ll also revisit the GenS Client, exploring how it can run LSA-specific reports (such as the LSA-003 Maintenance Summary or LSA-019 Task Analysis Summary). Additionally, discover how the GenS Client can perform a wide range of calculations based on existing project data, providing valuable insights.

Stay tuned – there may be a sneak peek at some of the Integrated capabilities of Pennant’s full IPS Suite in this session!

AUS: Tues 14 May 5:00pm AEST
UK: Tues 14 May 8:00am BST
EUROPE: Tues 14 May 9:00am CEST
AUS: Wed 15 May 7am AEST
USA: Tues 14 May 2:00pm PDT
CANADA: Tues 14 May 5:00pm EDT


We hope you can join us for this informative and educational GenS Webinar Series.


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