Your Distance & Virtual E-Learning Solution

In a time that is providing disruptive and challenging training, digital learning can deliver students and teachers a solution to ensure seamless continuity in what has now become a new way of life.

Pennant’s proven training expertise supported by a specialist media services team can convert legacy training materials into a modern and dynamic solution, enabling a quick and effective distant/virtual learning approach.

Pennant supports distance e-learning, providing cloud-based learning management to deliver, track and test the learners progress through to completion. We can assist you in compiling the learner’s experience, including presentations, self-paced or asynchronous learning, interactive exercises, webinars, live classes and activities linked to external training events. The platform also provides access to teachers or mentors at every step and group chat that empowers peer learning.

Pennant’s digital programmes are accepted as the solution with the potential to deliver consistently high quality learning across an entire enterprise, in an efficient and cost-effective way. All technology-based learning can be implemented as a one-stop source of training and assessment or as the self-paced element within a complex blended solution.

Through our dedicated team, Pennant will be able to help organisations prioritise the training needs and bring you the solution required within a timely a cost effective manner. If desired Pennant can produce future programmes and information in the same format to maintain consistency in learning material and to avoid disrupting the students overall learning experience.


Other industries

(Shipping, Nuclear, Space)