Women of Aviation Worldwide Week 2021

The week commencing March the 8th 2021, saw the start of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week and International Women’s Day. It also coincides with the anniversary of the world’s first female pilot licence achieved on the 8th March 1910.

In celebration and recognition of hard-working and empowered females across the globe, and in our company, we are celebrating raising global awareness for females of all ages seeking careers in aviation. We are lucky to have female employees from a range of aviation backgrounds and we have recently welcomed Katy, to our Support Team in the UK.

Katy Llewellyn, Support Engineer is based at Cheltenham, HQ and has kindly shared her story of her time in the aviation and aerospace industry.

Katy said “I found a love for physics and engineering while at Sixth form doing my A-levels, part way through completing my A-levels I decided doing the traditional route of Uni first wasn’t for me so decided to start looking into apprenticeships. In 2011 I secured an apprenticeship with GE Aviation in the repair workshop – mainly repairing military display products. After my 3 year apprenticeship and a further 2 years as a fully qualified repair technician I moved into Repair Support Engineering. Here I supported the repair team I had just left with documentation and queries that arise during a customer repair. I was in this role for 2 years before moving into the Systems Training Team. Within the Systems Training Team we looked after and supported Boeing, New Starter induction Training and Human Factors refresher training. Engineering wasn’t something I wanted to do when I was little, I wanted to go into medicine – but I don’t like blood or needles so needed to find a new career path!

Joining Pennant has been very quick, but it is exciting and the varied products keeps you on your toes. I have a lot to learn but very much looking forward to it. Everyone has been friendly and helpful.”

Welcome to the team Katy!

If you missed our article last year, sharing the stories of our Head of Sales and Technical Services, VP of Global Sales and Marketing and IPS Director, you can read about them here.


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