What is the ATA Specification 1000BR about?

With additional acceptance over the last few years of utilizing S1000D into the civil aviation industry’s technical documentation, ATA have released the Business Rules for Issue 4.1 and Issue 4.2. If you are a member of ATA you have access to these specifications for free, but if you are not a member then they can be purchased.

If you are familiar with S1000D you will be aware of the BRDPs (Business Rules Decision Points). The ATA Specification have determined which BRDPs should or should not be used for the civil aviation content. Understanding these BRDPs, in conjunction with the specification, will mean that when authoring content you will be creating valid data.

Also contained within this specification are details of what can be included in your S1000D data modules for each schema, including details of how these elements and attributes should be presented in a PDF delivery.

Making sure that you use the ATA 1000 BR Specification when you start to develop your content will ensure that you are creating content that will be accepted by your end customer when delivering the source data.

Understanding the schemas, elements and attributes that are allowed and having the tools available that can verify that the content you are producing is valid to the ATA 1000 Business Rules, is vital for the successful delivery of your content to the Prime.

Once you have been able to develop your content and validated the content against the schema’s and Business Rules, you may also be required to deliver a PDF of the content that has been produced. Making sure that the output of the PDF is valid to the Business Rules and abides to the 1000BR style guide, will mean that your delivery will be accepted by the Prime.

Reeta Nye
Senior Consultant


Other industries

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