Welcome to 2018!

And so another year begins!

Is it just me, or do the years appear to be travelling faster? Perhaps it’s because we continue to do more with less, ensuring our days are busier! To counter this, we are all looking for smarter tools and processes. Our workplaces are changing too. Smaller teams need to be what I call “elastic” workplaces, capable of stretching and bending in the face of peak demands and staff movements by using technology and…

The more message is certainly what our customers are telling us:

  • They need to deliver to larger customers with more complex requirements;
  • Customers need smart content delivered to more locations globally;
  • They need to deliver with more features and capability and;
  • Deliver to more types of tablets and devices.

Based on our customers list of more, the R4i Development Team will continue to build on our smart application strategy, by:

  • Continuing to integrate applications within the R4i Product Suite;
  • Expanding our SVG capability across all of our applications;
  • Giving customers more flexibility in what content can be output in the auto-generated Data Module shells from R4i Data Module Manager;
  • Extending what content and files can be automatically generated during IETP production;
  • Expanding on the capability of our automated parts data tool – R4i IPD Manager;
  • Enhancing R4i Writer with even more drag and drop, automation and QA capability;
  • Continuing to expand the support features and tools on our Customer Care Portal.

On the services side of our business, our authoring teams are being asked how our “elastic” workplaces will assist customers, by:

  • Extending re-use of data and images across suites/fleets of publications;
  • Increasing the update and delivery cycle beyond the traditional quarter;
  • Looking for places in the work cycle that can be made more efficient;
  • Utilizing new technology that can replace an old manual task;
  • Increasing the amount of legacy documents being translated to modern data formats;
  • Allowing oversight of the work we perform by giving customers access to their content we work on in the hosted OneStrand AIR platform.

We are so excited that customers are sharing these requirements with us and we are looking forward to assisting every customer with their new delivery goals, no matter what they might be.

Welcome to 2018!


Tammy Halter
Managing Director
OneStrand LLC


Other industries

(Shipping, Nuclear, Space)