Unite Awards 2015

Pennant is delighted to announce that our Virtual Parachute Training Simulator (VPTS) has been shortlisted for the Unite Awards 2015. The dedication, determination and hard work of the combined Manchester and Cheltenham VR team has paid dividends.

VPTS combines innovative software, hardware and mechanical design to provide a highly realistic, yet perfectly safe, training rig for parachutists. The jump experience is fully immersive, utilising a physical suspension rig, VR headset and sensor suit to provide real-time feedback. Each VPTS jump is unique as the conditions, terrain, equipment and problems which may be encountered by the student are controlled and observed by the instructor.

The Unite Awards are hosted by Unity® and showcase products built around the Unity Engine. Selection as a finalist is acknowledged industry-wide as a testimony to the innovation, imagination and creativity of the nominees. We are therefore doubly-delighted to have been nominated in not one but two categories: Best Visual Simulation Project (VIZSIM) and Community Choice.

The public voting stage is now open, so please vote for Pennant to win! The winners for each category are announced at Unite 2015.

We are nominated in the Best Visual Simulation Project (VIZSIM) and the Community Choice categories. You will be asked to sign in/up before casting your votes.

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Thanks for voting, and to all the team behind VPTS for their hard work.


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