The Virtual Reality takeover

Who hasn’t enthusiastically discussed having a go at skydiving but then, usually the morning after, decided it’s not really for them? I know I have. Well, now all of us with more imagination that courage can experience free-falling in complete safety. How so?

Enter Virtual Reality, VR, the innovative combination of software, 3D media and an array of fairly complex equipment to generate a totally immersive, three-dimensional environment which can be used for both leisure and, increasingly, training.

With its origins in gaming technologies, VR technology is developing rapidly and becoming more widely accessible as it becomes cheaper and its benefits proven. VR’s use as a safe and very cost effective training solution is rising exponentially.

Many industries operate in dangerous environments with phenomenally expensive equipment. Frequently, it is simply not possible to remove equipment from service to allow trainees to learn and practice their skills. Nor is it possible to create emergency scenarios within which the trainee learns how to deal with potentially catastrophic events. Consequently errors in training can become at best very expensive and, at worst, deadly. In essence, it is virtually impossible to provide realistic training experience to properly equip trainees for their encounter in the real world.

And so the technology and strategies used to create virtual worlds for slaying dragons and taking on an army from the other side of the galaxy is now being used to create a wide range of high fidelity virtual worlds within which serious training is being delivered. Examples include: medical training, petroleum extraction, nuclear, sport, architecture and planning, space, rail transport and defence.

As a leading provider of training technologies who likes to stay ahead of the curl, Pennant has invested heavily in man hours, equipment and training to develop our own team of creative VR stars! Pennant has successfully designed and built VR products to train parachutists (VPTS), aircraft jump-masters (VJMS), airfield marshallers (SEPT) and railway shunters (VRST). 

Pennant products VPTS & SEPT  use Virtual Reality to train individuals.


Other industries

(Shipping, Nuclear, Space)