Technical Alert from the North Pole!

Did you know that Santa’s Elves are busy getting the sleigh and reindeer airworthy? OneStrand have received information from reliable sources that each year Santa and his reindeer’s execute enough takeoffs, landings (cycles) and reindeer leg extension and retractions that they meet their C-check requirements in just that one night. Amazing, but true!

We have been told that currently all the Technical Elves are running around with their i-Pads and tablets completing their maintenance checks on the R4i IETP Viewer. Then the Quality Control and Quality Assurance Elves are checking them twice! All this high tech publications work helps streamline the work in Santa’s Hangar to ensure Santa’s sleigh and reindeer will be Returned to Service (RTS) on schedule!

But it wasn’t always that way. They used to have legacy digital instructions with simple 2D drawings, similar technology that many of you still have today. Luckily that was not good enough for Santa and his loyal Elves! Thanks to OneStrand, they now have the newest innovations in digital documentation and the tools to maintain all their sleigh and reindeer technical needs.

In fact, our resources on-site in Santa’s hangar have told us that when they update the sleighs data or even add new avionics to the reindeer, the cost to convert their legacy data into S1000D has more than paid for itself in efficiency.

Come on, don’t be a Grinch anymore! It’s time to consider converting your Legacy data to S1000D for your frontline Elves!

We are only a sleigh ride away, contact OneStrand‘s team of expert Elves to support your Elves for the holidays!


John Nanney
Technical Consultant


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