Software-based procedural trainers offer a realistic and immersive training experience, allowing learners to gain practical skills in maintaining and repairing equipment. These trainers enable hands-on practice, promote workflow familiarity, and provide feedback for continuous improvement. By leveraging the benefits of software-based procedural trainers, organisations can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their maintenance training programs.

Cargo Compartment Trainer

The Cargo Compartment Trainer allows a student to be trained for in-flight cargo maintenance of various cargos, including toxic substance, large crates, vehicles, personal and general equipment.

Power Station Switching Simulator

The Power Station Switching Simulator reinforces classroom teaching by allowing simulations of real world scenarios within the safety of the simulator. The system simulates a typical substation layout with a Main and Reserve Bus Bar allowing the engineer to operate switch gear to interact with the system with touch screen controls.

Marshalling Trainer


The Marshalling Trainer provides training in marshalling and ground handling of aircraft in an immersive safe environment, without the cost of using real aircraft.

Parachute Trainer

The Parachute Trainer is an immersive training system capable of supporting initial canopy control training and malfunction recognition through to mission planning and rehearsal.

Loadmaster Trainer

The Loadmaster Trainer is an immersive training aid, giving the students a real-time experience in an advanced 3D virtual world that simulates a variety of different aerial delivery scenarios in a safe training environment.



Other industries

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