Shipdex Solutions for the Shipdex Protocol.


Pennant has a proud history of supplying specialised technical services and solutions for complex data specifications, including Shipdex.

Shipdex™ is the International Business Rules (The Shipdex™ Protocol) developed to standardise the production and the exchange of technical and logistic data within the shipping community.

Pennant produces a robust software suite specifically to support the Shipdex specification.  Additionally, our software outputs S1000D and SCORM-compliant content.

Pennant’s consultants are actively involved in industry specifications, including S1000D for online interactive maintenance and SCORM for online learning systems.

Pennant’s Shipdex suite is easy to use and fast to implement, Pennant’s off-the-shelf software products include the Shipdex compliant Database (R4i CSDB Server®), PDF Production and Management Tools (R4i Binder Suite).

These solutions can operate as stand-alone or as an integrated system. They are also available as Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing small teams to gain access to the capability of larger teams.


The integration between our products allows for the same information to be used across various areas of the business – consistently and quickly. Saving time and money, and ensuring information out in the field, and in training is all changed at the same time.



Other industries

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