Shenyang Aircraft Design and Research Institute purchase OmegaPS LSAR software

Pennant Software Services Ltd working with their Chinese distributor CCTECH are pleased to announce the successful sale of OmegaPS LSAR software to Shenyang Aircraft Design and Research Institute.  OmegaPS is used across the world for major defence projects to manage and coordinate supportability information in the design, development and deployment of defence equipment.

Shenyang Aircraft Corporation is a civilian and military aircraft manufacturer located in Shenyang. Founded in 1953, it is one of the oldest and the most important aircraft manufacturers in China.  Many aircraft manufacturers in China such as Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group or Guizhou Aircraft Industry Co. were founded with help from Shenyang. It mainly focuses on designing and manufacturing fighter planes.  

CCTech is the exclusive distributor in China of Pennants’ OmegaPS suite of software. CCTech has a strong background and experience in Aerospace for more than twenty years, and are based in Beijing, China. 

Pennant Software Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pennant International Group plc, based in Cheltenham, England, which is quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. For further information about OmegaPS and the range of Integrated Logistics Support products and services please contact [email protected]


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