S1000D User Forum: 30 Day Countdown

What do Kevlar vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, laser printers and the R4i software solution all have in common?

They were invented by…WOMEN!

An “all woman” team will be powering the OneStrand’s S1000D stand this year at the upcoming S1000D User Forum in Amsterdam. Tammy, Reeta and I have a combined total of over 60 years of experience in the technical industry. Our team is looking forward to sharing throughout the duration of the conference what drives each of our own passions in this industry.

The inventor of the powerful and easy to use R4i S1000D software suite, Tammy Halter, will be presenting the product demonstration of “ONE View, ONE Team with the OneStrand TDM Portal”. This Technical Data Management portal will take your organization to new levels in the cloud or at your site! Come watch and see how the OneStrand TDM Portal and desktop tools can transform you and your supplier’s authors into ONE powerful collaborative force.

Our Senior Consultant, Reeta Nye, will be booth side ready to answer any technical question you may have about S1000D and the R4i software. She will also show you how the transition to this “scary” specification will be painless and cost effective for your organization. If anything, her accent alone along with Tammy’s is worth stopping to say “G’Day Mate”, and share in some good industry conversation.

As the Business Development Manager, I am looking forward to meeting new and revisiting with current industry colleagues in person; I however do not have a cool Aussie accent. More importantly, my goal is to understand what your current challenges are and how our team at OneStrand can help lead you to a seamless solution.

Our booth will be the one with the giveaways that rocket!  A gift the whole family will continue to enjoy days later, while you are pondering how fun it was to learn about our easy to use solutions.  For the Men, do not forget to drop off a business card for a chance to win our unique stand giveaway for a lovely Woman in your life. For those Women in attendance, you have been missing this bling in your “technology collection”; please stop by for a chance to sparkle!

We are looking forward to a fun and educational time spent with all our industry friends!


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