Royal Navy and Army Historic Aircraft

Pennant Information Services are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a contract by the Helicopter and Islander Combined Integrated Project Team (HIC IPT) to undertake the conversion of obsolete Air Publications for a number of Royal Navy and Army historic aircraft.

Much of the published material used to support these aircraft has not been updated since these aircraft were withdrawn from operational service (in one case as far back as 1945) and consists of hard copy manuals of varying sizes, complexity and format. Pennant contract involves the conversion of the manuals to an amendable format for the aircraft and engines of a range of fixed and rotary wing aircraft including the Swordfish, Auster, Sea Hawk and Scout.

On completion of the work the Helicopter and Islander Combined Integrated Project Team (HIC IPT) will have available soft copies of the documents that they will be able to update as required.

Pennant is very pleased to have been awarded this interesting contract and see this as an opportunity to further enhance their involvement with the Defence Logistics Organisation.

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