With a long history, we are able to develop Rail Simulators or VR solutions to support training and lifecycle requirements for the rail industry, as well as accident and incident reconstruction and simulation relocation. 

VR technology and motion tracking techniques provide a fully immersive training experience that you would expect from the real world, allowing you to replicate dangerous real-life scenarios, but in a danger-free environment. VR reduces costs by replacing the cost associated with the real-life equipment and reduces maintenance costs, whilst also offering space-saving solutions.


Accident and Incident Reconstruction

Requirement to produce reconstructions in short timescales for briefing staff on Accidents and Incidents. Development for web deliverables includes: data capture, media design, storyboard, 3D modelling, animation, voice-over, and programming.

Simulator Relocation

Pennant currently offers simulator support across the UK to a variety of platforms and suppliers.
• Capability to decommission and remove
• Complete modifications and enhancements
• Re-establish within fixed facility or portable solution

Additionally, Reality Modelling supports this and is created for operational training to support all phases of the lifecycle. Reality Modelling provides virtual railway simulations, built to a high level of fidelity, and feature a fully switchable railway including all signals and signs.

Models are constructed directly from CAD data and include precise dimensions and textures obtained from our photographic and video surveys to add realism. The models can be used throughout the entire life cycle of projects, from Design through to Signal Sighting and on into Driver Training and Simulation. 



Other industries

(Shipping, Nuclear, Space)