R4i Writer is the most advanced XML Authoring Tool for Technical Writers required to create mission critical content. Write S1000D and ATA data modules faster with drag & drop references, automatic hotspots and live document previews.

    R4i Writer Professional

    R4i Writer is a powerful XML Authoring tool which is optimized for the ASD S1000D data formats.

    Now authors can easily create high quality operational and maintainer information. R4i Writer installs “Ready to Write” with schema’s and stylesheets for S1000D versions 2.0 to latest.

    S1000D Authoring Feature List:

    • Support for all S1000D schema types for versions 2.0 to latest;
    • Pre-configured and ready to use with S1000D XSLT’s included;
    • Global Language support;
    • Quick view of Data Modules and Images in the CSDB / Repository Browser;
    • Drag & Drop Data Modules from the CSDB into the R4i Writer authoring window;
    • Drag & Drop or Copy Paste Images and DM’s from the CSDB to become references in the current document (Data Module) being authored;
    • Jump to last DM or image previewed in CSDB Repository Browser;
    • Live document preview of how it will look when published in your IETP;
    • Smart mark-up of entity declarations and reference block content as references are added;
    • Tag List for guided editing insertion of elements and attributes;
    • Document Tree – guided overview and navigation of the structure of the document;
    • Quick buttons – Quick interaction with the CSDB for the check in/check out and location of the current DM within the CSDB;
    • One button click for common authoring insertion (ordered lists, unordered lists, character entities / symbol palette);
    • Smart Reset Checkout;
    • Global Preview of all Images reference in the data module;
    • Graphic insertion with hotspot lookup;
    • Interactive TIR/CIR Lookup;
    • Applicability Block Builder;
    • Table Designer Tool;
    • Create schema Templates for fast start-up authoring;
    • Live schema Validation of documents;
    • BREX validation of documents;
    • Dockable Windows, for easy management of views with multiple monitors.

    R4i Writer Standard

    R4i Writer Standard takes the powerful S1000D XML authoring capability of R4i Writer Professional, without the extra capability that team leads need for creating document and table templates, and applicability configuration.

    R4i Writer Personal

    R4i Writer Personal edition takes all the features of R4i Writer Professional and allows it to run stand-alone on a computer without requiring the R4i CSDB Server system.

    Simplified Technical English (STE) module for R4i Writer

    Need to check for ASD-STE100© (Simplified Technical English) compliance when authoring in S1000D? The STE for R4i Writer Module extends the reach of R4i Writer Professional, R4i Writer Standard and R4i Writer Personal Edition and enables you to:

    • remove the ambiguity of written technical procedures and ensures consistency in writing style
    • reduces the cost of re-usability and translation

    R4i Writer’s built-in STE Assistant guides authors on the correct use of Technical English via an interactive view. One or more project dictionaries can be utilized with built in STE Validation including project specific support. Authors can check they are writing to the contracted project and STE requirements. An interactive view is provided for STE validation errors versus informational notifications enabling authors to easily conform to STE Rules.



    Other industries

    (Shipping, Nuclear, Space)