R4i WorkSpace for Arbortext Editor®

R4i WorkSpace for Arbortext Editor® is a powerful plug-in for Arbortext Editor v5.4, 6 and 7. R4i WorkSpace installs with schema’s and stylesheets for S1000D versions 2.2 XML through to 5.0 of the ASD S1000D Specification. Technical Authors can work in their native Arbortext Editor environment whilst accessing Data Modules, images and other resources directly from the R4i CSDB Server.


The tool eliminates the need for authors to use multiple tools, providing direct access into the hosted or locally installed R4i S1000D Common Source DataBase.

When a new DM is started, the Schema selected will be read and will load up a document with all mandatory elements and attributes that is based on schema definition combined with rules set by the BREX. The pre-configured DMC structure along with the default text values, will be assigned to all the mandatory elements and attributes.

Save the document with any name. When the DM is checked into the R4i CSDB, R4i WorkSpace will scan the file to find the DMC value assigned and will correctly name the DM according to the S1000D specification.

Leverage the power of Arbortext Editors authoring interface with the power of an S1000D CSDB. R4i WorkSpace enhances the support of S1000D XML version 2.2 XML to version 4.2 by combining the ability to “look and link” Arbortext Editor directly into the local or hosted R4i CSDB Server®.

S1000D Elements and Attributes that have been mapped to advanced functionality and integration via the R4i WorkSpace interface includes:
• dmRef
• figure
• externalPubRef
• applic
• referencedApplicGroup
• accessPointRef
• circuitBreakerRef
• controlIndicatorRef
• functionalItemRef
• supplyRqmtRef (Procedural)
• toolref (Procedural)
• zoneRef (Descriptive)
• applicRefId (Attribute)



Other industries

(Shipping, Nuclear, Space)