R4i Viewer – “The other Features”

Welcome to OneStrand’s fourth and final Part of our Fast Snapshot Series R4i Webinar Recording: R4i Viewers “other Features” This webinar is now available for viewing.

R4i Viewer is our well-known and loved online and offline based S1000D Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) Viewer. Because the R4i Viewer has been in service for 15 years, there are some features that have been added over the last five years or that customers have not had the opportunity to look closely at with delivery schedules.

In this week’s Fast Snapshot recording, we have taken a look at some of R4i Viewer’s less known features:

  • Encrypted IETP – No need to worry about who might be able to access the IETP content when shipping offline content into the field. The encrypted IETP feature ensures only those with the password can decrypt and access the IETP.
  • Skins – What’s your favourite interface or theme when working in R4i Viewer?
  • Different versions of SGML and XML content in one IETP – No need to lock yourself down to working with only one version of your content in a delivery, we’ve got this covered for you, including ATA 2200 and other legacy specifications being delivered in one IETP!
  • Bi-directional hot spot functionality – End users do love having Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) linked from table parts to image hotspots and back. Bi-directional hot spotting and other enhanced features such as Shopping Carts can be achieved with Java Scripts embedded in your stylesheets.
  • Toggle for Touch Devices – No stylus available on your Windows Touch Device? No problem, toggle the interface and fat fingers can now be used to select, navigate and scroll through your IETP.
  • Language switching – If your maintenance team is made up of individuals where English is not their first language and they would prefer to see the R4i Viewer menu’s in another language, simply select the language from the preferred options and menus and buttons change!
  • Custom IETP Desktop Shortcut – Have different content for different maintainers> Whether that is a system specific IETP content, or an IETP that contains content in a different language. IETP’s can be set with a custom icon and name to make selecting the correct IETP super easy!!

We hope you enjoy our fourth and final Fast Snapshot Series Webinar for the month of June. Please feel free to request any other topics or products you would like for us to run Snapshots on.  Last week’s snapshot on R4i Binder’s SCORM module, can be found here.

Tammy Halter

Managing Director
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