R4i Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) Manager

Welcome to OneStrand’s weekly Fast Snapshot Series for June 2018. The first R4i Webinar Recording is on R4i IPD Manager and is now available.

The purpose of R4i IPD Manager is to automate the production of Illustrated Parts Data Modules. The software re-uses information from an engineering source such as an LSAR database or CAD/CAM drawing systems, and automatically outputs that content as IPD Data Modules (DM’s) to S1000D issue v2.0 through to v4.2, including patches.

R4i IPD Manager supports multi-image figure output. Automatic image updates can be mapped to a third party image conversion and hotspotting engine by the Larson Software team, if the technical drawings are not to the required format and/or if they do not contain hotspots when they are exported from the LSAR or CAD system.

Once engineering parts data to S1000D elements and attributes are configured using the Setup Wizard, IPD Manager can be left to monitor data coming into a folder from engineering. This allows IPD Data Modules to be generated without daily interaction from Authors.

The wizard is an important setup and mapping process for R4i IPD Manager. Mapping requires that you review and analysis data coming from engineering and confirm what data your end users need in their IPD content in the IETP. User’s expectations on functionality or behaviour in the IETP, such as multi-directional hotspotting from image to parts data should also be taken into account.  The data mapping wizard also allows your Data Modules to be configured with a unique DMC Code and images with an ICN code.

Once the map file has been built and set in the configuration, R4i IPD Manager can automatically process data, check the DM’s into the R4i CSDB and move the DM’s to a preconfigured workflow status in the Common Source DataBase (CSDB). This includes releasing data modules to published status if that is the required process.

We hope you enjoy the first of our new Fast Snapshot Series Webinar’s. Please feel free to request any other topics or products you would like the OneStrand Team to conduct Snapshots on.


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