DCAM is designed to capture the use of S1000D and ATA technical content in the free R4i IETP Viewer. How the user interacts with the IETP content is captured in both online and offline modes in the field.

    R4i Data Capture, Analysis and Management (DCAM) Server

    When content is measured for success, a continuous improvement process will ensure a quality product. Whether that be usability, targeting content to users and readers, as well as the quality of content.

    How it works:

    The captured data is stored as micro–XML DCAM Packets (DCAMP). When the R4i Application is connected to the R4i DCAM Server, DCAMP’s are streamed at timed intervals for processing. When the Application is operating in offline mode, DCAMPS are stored locally until the local DCAM vault is full. When the user connects to the DCAM Server and is online, the DCAMP micro files are streamed to the DCAM Server for processing.

    There are three components to DCAM:

    DCAM Agent. The DCAM Agent is a software engine that is part of all R4i IETP Viewers. The Agent collects the user IETP interaction data, connects to DCAM server to transfer the DCAM data to the DCAM Server via secure Internet Web Services.

    The DCAM Server parses the uploaded DCAMP micro files and collates the data into the DCAM SQL Database, ready for the DCAM Console to analyse, manipulate and then present the data to the DCAM Operator.

    DCAM Console. A web browser application, the console accesses the DCAM SQL database and presents the collated end user data. The console operator can run standard (included) reports.

    What’s being recorded/reported:

    Every user interaction and click inside the R4i Viewer is being logged, including but not limited to:
    • Successful and failed IETP logins
    • The windows user details (offline IETP)
    • Software version
    • Device utilisation
    • Touch UI activated
    • IETP publication accessed
    • User searches/failed search
    • Viewed Data Modules
    • Viewed Illustrations
    • Length of session
    • Links opened/viewed
    • Forms accessed
    • Logged out
    • User interface language selection



    Other industries

    (Shipping, Nuclear, Space)