R4i Binder – The SCORM Module

Welcome to OneStrand’s weekly Fast Snapshot Series for June 2018. The third R4i Webinar Recording is on R4i Binder’s SCORM module, and is now available.

The purpose of R4i Binder’s SCORM module is to quickly and easily develop e-Learning content. By re-purposing authorized S1000D technical content from the CSDB, there is the ability to combine that content with Learning Modules and publish the content as a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) package.  That SCORM package or Package Interchange File (PIF) can then be played in any compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

The advantage of having the SCORM module option in R4i Binder is that you can combine the S1000D technical and learning content into a package for a traditional PDF training manual.  You can then re-use the same content and tools to also prepare eLearning SCORM content including six types of assessment criteria capability such as shuffled or randomized questions.  What LMS or SCORM player is being utilised at the other end by the end customer does need to be taken into account when preparing a SCORM PIF for delivery, as the LMS may not be able to utilise or play some features you have embedded in the SCORM PIF.

Structure and flow of information online needs to be taken into account as part of a lesson plan, along with what type of technical, procedural and learning content has been written, and finally what LMS will be playing the e-Learning package.  In addition you will need to think about traditional training manual structures and how that will work differently online. For example, a chapter in a training manual might become a learning topic and your traditional section in a chapter might become the mark for a new page online, allowing each Data Module to start a new web page.

Additional attributes also need to be applied and configured in the R4i Binder application, such as how long a student can take to review the content or assessment and is there a pass value?

Presentation of the eLearning content online can also take on a similar or identical style to Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) content, so that students are immediately exposed to technical information in a look and feel familiar to what they will utilize out in the field. SCORM PIF’s can also be included in an R4i IETP so that maintainers and operators can have “Just in Time” or “refresher” training while out in the field.

The SCORM module is an extra set of features which is activated by a license key within the R4i Binder software.

We hope you enjoy the third Fast Snapshot Series Webinar. Please feel free to request any other topics or products you would like for us to run Snapshots on.  Last week’s snapshot on R4i Data Module eXchanger (DMX) can be viewed here.


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