Prime Minister visits the International Aviation Academy-Norwich

It was a delight to welcome the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Chloe Smith, to the International Aviation Academy – Norwich yesterday and fantastic to see the visit supported by Aviation Skills Partnership (ASP) and our Pennant International Group Plc representative Alan Rampling.

Throughout the visit the PM was provided with a detailed overview of ASP, including the intention and aims of how the future of training will be delivered with support from Pennant.

In the UK, the aviation industry faces strong growth both in a civil and defence capacity. Whilst the industry enjoys high levels of engagement and enthusiasm there is often a missed opportunity, as this enthusiasm is not channelled into an aviation career.

The Youth Engagement team were on hand to show their passion for breaking down the barriers for young people in aviation, while Pennant representative, Alan, demonstrated the Generic Hand Skill Trainer (GenSkill) to promote the importance of hand skills training when working on aircraft components in confined spaces.


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