Pennant’s Undergraduate Placement Scheme – Meet Sandeep!

We’re delighted that Sandeep Kang has joined Pennant to complete his sandwich year of his university course.

Stephanie Topping (Group HR Manager) said “We’re undergoing a new initiative at Pennant with regards to our Undergraduate Placement Scheme. We are looking forward to Pennant gaining fresh ideas and up-to-date knowledge from highly motivated and talented students. The programme we have created will enable undergraduates to work on various projects throughout their placement, whilst integrating with and supporting all areas of our business. Undergraduates will benefit from further developing their skills and knowledge gained from University and provide work related experience to support them for the future.  We are looking forward to continuing our undergraduate placement scheme, partnering with Universities and we welcome Sandeep to the Finance team.”

Meet Sandeep:

My name is Sandeep Kang and I study Accounting and Finance at Nottingham Trent University. I am originally from Gloucester. During my youth, I attended the Crypt Grammar school from year 7 all the way through to A-levels. Following the completion of my A-Levels I decided that I wanted a change of scene and to experience life in a new city and I chose to study in Nottingham as I really enjoyed the open days and found all of the tutors at the university very engaging.

I am currently working for Pennant as an Assistant Accountant as I enter my sandwich year of university. My hope for this year is that it will boost my career in whichever direction that I decide to take it, whether I continue in Accounting and Finance or move into a different aspect of business. I believe over this year at Pennant I will learn a lot about the company’s finance function and the practical application of the Accounting theory that I have been studying at University.

Starting my placement during the COVID-19 pandemic has presented its own unique challenges such as social distancing in the office which has changed the way that I would normally interact with colleagues. An example of this would be that from my first day in the office to the present I have been unable to shake hands upon meeting people which can make it quite awkward to engage with people when you first meet them as it is a very common business practice across the world.

In five years’, time, I would like to be a chartered accountant and hopefully be beginning to work my way up the career ladder in either management accounting or working in the tax consultancy field.

During my first few weeks at Pennant some of the things that I have enjoyed would be being very involved from my first day and learning some of the financial mechanisms and controls from the rest of the finance team.

Welcome to the team Sandeep! 


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