Pennant’s Synthetic Environment Procedural Trainer (SEPT2) now in service at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering (DCAE) Cosford

Pennant Training Systems Limited (Pennant) is pleased to announce the Final Acceptance by Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Agency of the Synthetic Environment Procedural Trainer (SEPT2). SEPT2 provides training in marshalling and ground handling of aircraft in complete safety and without the costs of using real aircraft.

he student is presented with a 150° wrap-round immersive screen. Three high resolution projectors provide a computer generated display of the airfield and moving aircraft. Realism is enhanced by multi-channelled surround sound effects.

Training scenarios and aircraft movements are controlled by the instructor, who can; amend scenarios, insert hazards and emergencies, change weather conditions, communicate with the student through an integrated comms system and record student actions.  The complete exercise can be viewed by other students, and used for later debrief.

Training scenarios include:

  • Engine starting and shut-down procedures
  • Pre-departure and post-arrival checks
  • See-out and See-in procedures
  • Marshalling of taxiing aircraft
  • Emergency procedures.

SEPT2 allows students to rehearse procedures and practices their marshalling on various types of aircraft including Typhoon, C-130J, C-17 and Merlin.

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