Pennant’s Rail Services helping in the current COVID-19 pandemic

News reports, statistics and the reduction in commuter traffic on the roads all support the theory that working from home and learning remotely is here to stay.

Pennant’s ability to provide digital on-line solutions, especially for the Rail Industry is catering for the wider adoption of the working from home culture.

Driver training and route learning via the Track Access Portal is filling the demand for the traditional training methods of route learning and familiarisation. Overcoming social distancing measures, avoidance of overcrowded cabs, the video and virtual solutions are the best alternative. With several key features from spoken commentary to on-screen information and synchronised moving driver maps alongside the video, learners are being provided with a safe and informative level of learning.

Through web-based delivery, the end user can access the most recent information on a 24/7, 365 bases. This paired with the Pennant Virtual Reality (VR) capability to offer VR and Simulation solutions, accommodates worker’s and students who are unable to get to site and access the physical equipment.

Virtual system training meets the demands of ECR (Electrical Control Room) training, and Pennant’s Virtual Shunter trainer supports distance learning, catering for training time affected by the elements, as well as safe and cost-effective learning.

These practical training elements supported by software and hardware are reinforced with Pennant’s capability to produce highly professional, and accurate maintenance documentation.

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