Pennant’s Basic Helicopter Maintenance Trainer

Pennant are thrilled to announce the launch of its Basic Helicopter Maintenance Trainer (BHMT).

Here at Pennant we have used our experience in transforming time expired airframes into ultra- modern customised training systems. The BHMT is the most recent in a line of synthetic rotary wing trainers and is now the latest addition to Pennant’s unique range of generic maintenance trainers.

It was discovered that the air-frame used to create the BHMT was originally built back in 1982 at Westlands in Weston-Super-Mare.

The freestanding helicopter trainer uses an optimum mix of high-fidelity replica and real aircraft components, which are installed in a refurbished air-frame representative of a generic rotary wing aircraft. The BHMT enables students to carry out practical training by performing standard maintenance procedures associated with rotary wing aircraft. There are a multitude of systems that enable students to carry out functional testing, fault diagnosis and remove/ install procedures, in a safe environment.

An external display provides animated schematics of simulated aircraft systems to provide visual feedback to students on the relationship between the various inputs and outputs on a typical Ground Run scenario.

The trainer covers knowledge and learning tasks involved with the following aviation training standards and qualifications: EASA/EMAR Pt66, FAA, City & Guilds and CASA MEA. Pennant understand the importance of aligning our products to qualification standards, so that apprentice engineers can safely perform maintenance tasks associated with rotary wing platforms, in a controlled environment.

Take a look at the product video available on the Pennant YouTube Channel and for further information head to the website product page.


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