Pennant Wins Support Contract For Warrior Training Equipment

Pennant Training Systems Limited (Pennant) has been awarded a contract, from the UK MoD, for the support of four legacy Warrior Frame Electrical Layouts (FELs). Each FEL is a full size, open frame, space model of the British Army Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle, populated with real and simulated electrical equipment.

The FELs are located at the British Army’s School of Electrical Mechanical Engineering (SEME) Bordon in Hampshire, where they are used to provide basic training for Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) tradesmen. Managed by the Combat Tracks Group Project Team (PT), this support contract will provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and an Initial Study to identify outstanding faults, obsolescence and update requirements.

Pennant has extensive experience in producing and supporting maintainer training devices and supporting trainers produced by third party companies. The company has undertaken support and re-engineering on a number of such systems to overcome obsolescence, extend the useful life of the systems and maintain currency with the operational vehicles.

CEO Chris Snook said “This contract award is a further acknowledgement of Pennant’s expertise in supporting its own training systems and those of third party companies and is a tribute to the dedication of the Pennant support team.”

This contract further demonstrates Pennant’s continued excellent relationship with the MoD and its ability to provide cost effective solutions at affordable prices.

Pennant Training Systems Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pennant International Group plc, based in Cheltenham, England and listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange.


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