Pennant hit the fast track in USA

Pennant Information Services has been chosen to deliver a multi-million dollar contract providing a full suite of maintenance manuals and provide training support for one of the world’s leading engineering companies.

This new award builds on the success Pennant has enjoyed delivering similar services to the North American rail transportation market over the last 12 years which has taken us from the east to west coast and back.

In delivering this contract Pennant will provide operation and maintenance staff of one of the USA’s leading Transportation Authorities with essential information to carry out the tasks associated with maintaining the new rail cars. The contract is comprehensive and is phased during 2011/2012 with overhaul training in 2015.

Pennant Information Services Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pennant International Group plc, based in Cheltenham, England, which is quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange.


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