Pennant Delivers Virtual Reality Parachute Trainer (VRPT) to Parachute Training School, RAF Brize Norton

Pennant Training Systems Limited (Pennant), in partnership with virtual reality specialists Maelstrom, have produced and installed an eight-user immersive (headset-based) virtual reality parachute training system at the Parachute Training School (PTS), RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, UK.

Consisting of eight (8) student stations and an instructor’s console the VRPT provides a virtual reality environment that immerses the student in a virtual world where a parachute descent is simulated. VRPT allows the students to practice their parachuting skills in a variety of parachutes and rehearse malfunction procedures in a safe but realistic virtual environment. The experience is further enhanced with the addition of physical movement, applied to the user as a result of the toggle movements made during the descent.

From a dedicated control console the instructor can deploy students as individuals or in sticks of up to 8 within the same, shared, environment. Variable times of day as well as variable weather conditions are also selectable. The instructor can alter the despatch altitude, aircraft speed, heading, and bearing relative to the drop zone, he can also alter wind speed and direction, both at deployment altitude and at surface level.

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