Pennant completes handover of training aids to Military Technological College in Oman

27th June 2018 marked the final delivery of Pennant training aids and the formal handover of all equipment to the Oman Military Technological College (MTC).

The handover of Pennant’s training equipment to the Aeronautical Engineering department at the MTC celebrates the importance of educating tomorrow’s aircraft maintenance technicians. Students will be provided with essential training skills through simulated reality in which various real-life scenarios can be replicated in a safe and controlled training environment. Pennant’s training aids allow the instructor to enter errors for the student to diagnose and rectify, enabling the student to practice repairing and maintaining aircraft. The extensive capabilities of the equipment present an exciting future for aeronautical engineers, one which Pennant is excited to be a part of.

The event was attended by:
Hamish Cowell CMG (the UK appointed Ambassador to the Sultanate), Air Vice Marshal Matar bin Ali Al Obaidani (Commander of the RAFO and chairman of MTC Board of directors), Senior officers at the MTC and delegates from Pennant.

The relationship between the Oman military and Pennant goes back 25 years. Pennant initially worked with the AFTC (Air Force Technical College) in Muscat and the RAFO Base at Salalah and was involved in early discussions around a new college, including visiting an area of land earmarked for development.

This vision of a state of the art Engineering College evolved into the advanced facility that is the MTC and the formal handover of all training aids represents a key milestone in the relationship between Pennant and the MTC. Pennant’s first contract with the MTC was in 2013, involving the supply of electrical and mechanical hand skills training equipment. Pennant then secured another contract with the college in 2016 which involved a significantly expanded suite of training aids, including mechanical and avionic systems and a virtual reality procedure trainer for aircraft marshalling and ground handling activities.

In May 2018, this latest contract was completed and Pennant is proud to have contributed to the MTC’s vision of becoming a “Centre of Excellence” and looks forward to continuing this productive relationship.

Pennant has developed good relationships across the Middle East and the MTC is a vision for the region’s future – for the next generation of aeronautical engineers – those to who we pass on today’s skills and leave with the inspiration for the ideas of tomorrow.

Pennant has been delighted to support this vision.


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