Pennant & Capewell’s Virtual Loadmaster Training System Webinar

Pennant’s Business Development Executive Stuart Hooker, joined Capewell Aerial Systems Director of Operations Jared Burns, last week to discuss all on the Virtual Loadmaster Training System (VLTS) in their interactive session.

The session catered for two time zones, resulting in the webinar drawing interest from across the globe.

The Virtual Loadmaster Training System (VLTS), an immersive training aid, provides a real-time experience in an advanced 3D virtual world and simulates a variety of different aerial delivery scenarios in a safe – and highly realistic – training environment. This is the first airdrop virtual reality simulation developed specifically for Loadmasters. The system has been developed by Pennant in partnership with Capewell Aerial Systems.

Stuart said: “Both sessions were really well attended and we’re so pleased with the level of interaction during both events. When you see the product presented like it was, you really appreciate what an immersive and capable system it is and the level of training value it provides. We really value the working relationship we have with Capewell and I look forward to collaborating on future events.”

The webinar unveiled the features found in the new Version 2.0 system, from Fire Fighting Drills, to Personnel Airdrop and NVG Operations, covering both normal procedures and critical airdrop emergencies.

The webinar also provided a Question and Answer session, which provided some valuable input from current and potential users on shaping functionality and enhancements for future releases. “From the earlier conception phase of developing the product we have always encouraged feedback and suggestions from the experts who will be using the product. Moving forward this is something we will continue encourage and we welcome feedback”.

If you didn’t manage to join us, watch the recorded webinar here

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