Pennant Canada Attend the 2019 S1000D User Forum event

The OmegaPS ILS Software and Services Division of Pennant have had a great time at the 2019 S1000D User Forum event over the last few days showcasing the joint capabilities of Pennant and OneStrand.

The User Forum brings together over 300 defence and aerospace professionals from across the globe, enabling industry specific information to be shared and vital networking opportunities from around the world to be made. These discussions drive innovation, discuss future needs and provide opportunities for partnerships to be made.

The exhibition had a key focus on Pennant and OneStrand’s latest partnership and celebrated the official release of  R4i LTS/LPD to S1000D, and offered important guest speaker opportunities to discuss and demonstrate both Pennant and Onestrand’s areas of expertise.

Pennant’s representative Frank, shared real-life experiences of working on Tech Docs Vs LSAR sides of the fence, and how those “fences” can be broken down to ensure the most up to date information is being used in the field.

“Spending three days with our friends from OneStrand was a great experience.   I am sure they never sleep.  We spoke to numerous potential clients and demonstrated product to whoever came to our booth.  Our speaking sessions were well attended and well received.   A great conference.  I need to sit down…”

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