Our Rail Experts have summarised the predictions for the industry

The Pennant and Track Access Rail experts have been following the rail industry trends and predications closely and have summarised them here for you:

International Rail Travel in demand

In the wake of the pandemic, the global environmental impact become one of the headlines, as waters in Venice become clearer, the Himalayas could be seen for the first time and animals ventured into towns and villages.

This greater awareness level, as well as the growing political support for rail infrastructure across Europe has resulted in predictions suggesting that we will move away from air travel and rail travel will become the forefront for many. It is thought there will be significant investment in high speed trains over the next 10 years, to improve and build the infrastructure.

A move towards a user-friendly ticketing system

Since lockdown, the reduced usage of rail travel is thought to mark the end of the current franchising system, moving towards a more user-friendly, coordinated railway and ticketing system.

The significant reduction of travellers has seen increased ticket prices with the relaxing of rules in some areas and the government introducing emergency short term contracts to support the operating losses and costs.

The future of rail looks very interesting and we are excited to move with the times and continue to provide solutions for the industry.


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