Our OneStrand First Responders 45 Day Countdown to Providing Relief!

As a OneStrand first responder, Melissa Pennline will be addressing some typical pain points in managing S1000D programs, at this year’s S1000D User Forum. Don’t miss Melissa’s presentation on Technical and Managerial Challenges Using S1000D” on Wednesday afternoon.

There are many phases in understanding the level of effort for any project, especially a new S1000D program. No matter how many years one may have as a manager and no matter how confident one may think a new program can be started with ease, challenges do arise and sometimes fast.

So what happens now? How do you recover and ensure that risk is removed and your customer’s confidence rebuilt? How does one estimate what the new/revised profit margin is based on risk?

As an experienced Technical Publications Project Manager herself, Melissa will be sharing ways to best address those questions and include some simple ways to ensure phrases like “I think…”, “Maybe if…”, “I don’t know…” are not used in daily communication. Melissa will also identify different ways of looking at a complex 1+1=2 formula.

If you are not available to attend this informative session, be sure to stop by Stand 15 to share those pain points with the OneStrand Emergency Response Team. Be sure to bring your data along for a content check-up so that we may assist you to execute with ease.

See you in 45 days!

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