Our Head of IPS & Strategic Development is at the launch of the UK Chapter of CLEP

On the 7th and 8th of February 2024, Mark Willis, Pennant’s Head of IPS & Strategic Development, actively participated in the Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Digital Engineering Conference held in Bristol, UK. This conference provided a platform for experts to discuss cutting-edge advancements in digital engineering.

Mark is a recognised expert practitioner in the world of Integrated Product Support (IPS). His involvement extends beyond Pennant, as he collaborates with various industry stakeholders to enhance defence capabilities:

  • SX000i International Working Group: Mark is a member of the SX000i International Working Group, where he actively contributes to shaping IPS practices and strategies.
  • Council of Logistics Engineering Professionals (UK CLEP): As a core team member of UK CLEP, Mark advocates for continuous improvement in support solutions. The council focuses on enhancing defence outputs and delivering support advantage.
  • Mark contributes to several Team Defence Information groups including, but not limited to, Joint Professional Development Working Group and Integrated Product Support Community of Practice. He also co-chairs the ILS to IPS Transition Working Group.

At the DE&S Digital Engineering Conference, UK CLEP received sponsorship from Vice Admiral Andy Kyte, the Chief of Defence Logistics and Support. Mark Willis was present during the official announcement.

Mark said, “I am pleased to have been involved in the establishment of the UK Chapter of CLEP and look forward to growing the reputation of the Logistics Engineering discipline as we contribute to and influence support system performance modelling”.

The knowledge, expertise and diverse perspectives shared during the conference and Mark’s involvement with SX000i, Team Defence Information and UK CLEP, help inform how we at Pennant continue to maximise the operational availability of equipment at an optimal lifecycle cost. Through our IPS software solutions and technical services, we play a pivotal role in the design, development, operation, training, and maintenance of critical assets.


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