OneStrand’s 60-Day Countdown to resolving Your Pain of Outdated S1000D Solutions at the 2017 S1000D User Forum!

Does your old S1000D Solution fulfill your current delivery expectations? Is your current solution evolving with your needs, or does it cause you more pain than it solves?

Our customers are telling us they are facing these pain points with their current old and outdated S1000D Dinosaur Solution:

  • The system only handles checking in one (1) XML file at a time. (Tedious much?)
  • The system takes 10 minutes to check in a single XML file. (Ok, you now have time to go make coffee and drink said coffee before you even bother coming back to your desk!)
  • Generating IETP’s takes well over 40 minutes. (Time to go to lunch now!)
  • Cannot open more than one (1) IETP per day. (Unless you have time to restart your PC!)
  • You have to pay close to USD $1Milllion to get the S1000D software installed, configured and ready to use. (WHAT?)
  • The system does not handle all versions of S1000D from the SGML v1.x series through to the latest XML v4.2 series (Seriously?)
  • IETP Viewer never starts from a Desktop Icon after installation. (Why would it not?)
  • IETP Viewer cannot find the IETP content after unpacking. (The dinosaur must be lost!)
  • Security issues stop the IETP from opening with IE11. (That’s just not funny!)
  • Cannot use any browser other than IE11. (There are other browsers out there?)
  • No option for the IETP to display with big buttons for rugged-ized touch devices. (As if we are still in the 90’s!)
  • Cannot deliver to other mobile touch devices! (OK our dinosaur may not have stepped over the Y2K barrier yet!)

If these are your current challenges, we believe it is time to move out of the Cretaceous period and step into a modern-day system that can handle your legacy programs and meet your future quality delivery expectations!

Let us take the pain away TODAY with ease! Contact the OneStrand Team or call +1 503.558.5000 Ext. 241 for immediate assistance!

Our team will also be available for a one-on-one demonstration at the 2017 ATA e-Business and S1000D User Forum in Amsterdam. Pre-book a time for your personal demonstration of the R4i S1000D Software Suite from 9am on Monday, June 12th through to 6pm on Thursday, June 15th before we become extinct in Amsterdam.

Due to the amount of Dinosaur Solutions in our industry, we are booking on-site customer visits after the 16th of June.  Book your future S1000D solutions NOW!



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