OneStrand’s 60-Day Countdown to relieving your Pain of S1000D Deliveries at the 2018 S1000D User Forum!

OneStrand is now part of the Pennant International Group. 

Does your current S1000D Solution fulfil your latest delivery expectations for ATA 1000BR and S1000D Issue 4.2 compliance? Is your current solution evolving with your needs, or is it on life support?  OneStrand’s S1000D Paramedics are standing by to treat your Technical Data Pain in the Big Easy!

Industries are struggling to deliver content to ATA 1000BR schemas and Business Rules, with the major Air manufacturers requiring compliant deliveries. OneStrand Specialists will respond immediately to your 9-1-1 call.

Join us for an insight to working with ATA 1000BR.

The OneStrand Emergency Response Team will be available at Stand 15 at the S1000D User Forum so bring your data along for a content check-up!

The team will be on call to:

  • Convert (resuscitate) legacy data versions 2.2 thru 4.1;
  • Validate your newly revived content against the ATA 1000BR BREX;
  • Generate a compliant ATA 1000BR data delivery;
  • Produce a compliant ATA 1000BR CMP (Component Maintenance Publication)

Let us take the pain away TODAY with ease! Contact the OneStrand Team, or call +1 503.558.5000 for immediate assistance!


The team will be available for one-on-one demonstrations at the 2018 AIA S1000D User Forum in New Orleans. Pre-book a time for your personal demonstration of the R4i S1000D Software Suite from 9am on Monday, September 10th through to 6pm on Thursday, September 13th.

Come and visit the OneStrand first responders Team – Tammy, Reeta and Melissa.



Other industries

(Shipping, Nuclear, Space)