OneStrand Continues to Fly High in 2017

OneStrand continues to fly high in 2017 with the announcement this week that Lufthansa Technik will be embracing S1000D in the cloud via the OneStrand AIR platform.

After the announcement of Virgin Galactic selecting OneStrand as their preferred supplier of S1000D technical publishing software, services and support on January 18th, it is exciting to be able to announce that yet another industry leader has selected OneStrand as their supplier for S1000D capability.

It is also exciting to see the mixture of software capability and technical skills coming together from the ADG and AEC teams as the joint OneStrand brand.  We will see more of this breadth of capability from OneStrand in future announcements regarding expansion of our technical authoring capability into the Military sector.

Keep following our blogs as we release more exciting announcements with our customers!


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