Old wars, new allies and the importance of commitment to what you believe in!

This week our Australian based sister company ADG will commemorate ANZAC Day. Like Memorial Day in the USA, the people of Australia and New Zealand gather at shrines, returned services clubs and military bases to remember those that gave their lives while serving in the defense of their countries.  As an ex-service person I wrote a brief blog on ADG’s website on what ANZAC Day means to me and my family.

Forged in the hell of World War One, the brave young men from Australia and New Zealand charged the beaches of Turkey in what became the failed Gallipoli campaign. Eight months and 188 thousand casualties later the troops were evacuated. Most were then sent to fight in France.

One hundred and three years on, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) have fought alongside US and other allied troops in WW2, Korea and Vietnam. They have fought in the “new wars” in the Middle East and continue to support operations in Afghanistan and UN missions in Africa.  Unfortunately the world continues to see conflict, however now our former enemies are sometimes our strongest allies.

Which brings me to my cross-over topic of “allies in business” and how they are as important as having allies in war.  The OneStrand Alliance partner network stretches from Turkey to China, the UK to Canada, Israel to India and across the USA. Our allies are specialists in their fields and ethical in their dealings. Together we support Defense, Aerospace and Transport programs across the globe, striving for the best customer outcomes. Strong alliances require commitment and investment, this is true in war and business.

In the breaking light of dawn on the 25th of April, as two nations bow their collective heads and reflect on those that made the ultimate sacrifice; I will also be reflecting on how my allies make the world a safer and better place for all.

Lest We Forget.


Tammy Halter
Managing Director
OneStrand LLC


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