New Video – VATS

Pennant are delighted to launch our Virtual Aircraft Training System (VATS) product video.

VATS enables typical aircraft functional tests and fault-diagnosis procedures to be taught by either instructor demonstration or by student self-paced learning.

VATS’s high-fidelity screen-based graphical interface replicates realistic scenarios, allowing students to interact and develop their knowledge and skills, preparing them fully for when it comes working on the real equipment.

Pennant has re-purposed the emulation in its Integrated Avionics Maintenance Trainer (IAMT) to produce a part task trainer that supports a wide range of practical tasks and aligns with a number of Aviation Regulations such as EASA, EMAR, FAA, City & Guilds and CASA.

The IAMT leverages the fully integrated aircraft systems software simulation that underpins Pennant’s desktop emulation trainer to provide consistent, real-time aircraft responses to user interactions and access to virtual Ground Support Equipment and Special Tools and Test Equipment.


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